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Drug and Alcohol Rehab not the destination but the Path

Many a times it happens that children especially in their youth or in their teenage get astray and get prey to such bad habits that are not mendable by the common man at all. These habits are so very dangerous and above being cured that they can cause alarming changes in human being and at […]

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Tom Vassos Mobile Marketing Workshop in Panama City, Panama (DESTINATION INNOVATION) – Part A

This is the keynote speech in Panama City, Panama, by Tom Vassos for the launch of the book “DESTINATION INNOVATION: Creative Mobile Marketing and Commerce S… Bookmark To Panama Realty

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What would be a cuckold vacation destination?

Question by : What would be a cuckold vacation destination? My wife and I would like to try cuckolding while on a vacation. We have heard some internet discussions on cuckold vacations, but we don’t know if there are specific resorts, hotels, or island destinations that would be ideal for this. We heard some mention […]

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