Why does vicodin make me more social?

Question by Jeff U Dont Need To Know: Why does vicodin make me more social?
I received a prescription for 5/500 mg vicoden because of a root canal. I noticed that I am more willing to START a conversation. My friends even noticed that I am more social. Ill talk to a stranger now at random.

Follow up question. How come most people who do vicodin get addicted? I’m fine after 2 refills of 30 pills each of 5/500 (still the same effect) and I take them at free will or when I feel pain. Is it a DNA or heritary thing to be easily addicted?

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Answer by Mitochondria Eve
To answer your first question- narcotic painkillers like hydrocodone (Vicodin) stimulates your pleasure parts of the brain (I can go into more neurological detail if you’d like- just message me). This, along with the obvious sedative effect will make you less inhibited…like someone with an anxiety disorder being prescribed Xanax.

As far as your second question goes- there is a link between “addictive personalities” and genetics. HOWEVER, and I capitalize this to get your attention because it is a serious risk, absolutely every single person on the earth who has a functional brain CAN and WILL become physiologically dependent on opiates after prolonged use. It has nothing to do with personality or depression or any of that crap, it’s simple biology. When you do opiates long enough (and it varies from person to person) your BODY does become dependent on the chemical. It doesn’t matter how much willpower you have, no one can change that about the human body. You have the choice to moderate your use, lower your dose, or stop altogether, I’m not saying you’re going to turn into a junkie, I’m just saying what your body does- what your decisions and actions are will determine the outcome but the body addiction cannot be avoided when using long term. Good Luck

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  1. dan s
    07/04/2014 at 9:08 pm Permalink

    I would like to address the second part of this question. While all people experience pain differently I would caution anyone who has taken more than 60 pills of Vicodin after a root canal and claims to not have an addiction. Even assuming you are taking them at an accelerated rate ( Q4 hrs) that means you have been on them for more than two weeks now. Generally it is inadvisable to take any narcotic for more than two weeks especially in such high concentrations. I would HIGHLY advise you to at the very least begin to decrease your dosage by half. If for some reason your pain is still so severe that you feel the need to continue taking as many as you have you should call your doctor and schedule a follow up as soon as possible.

  2. aneurodoc125
    07/04/2014 at 9:10 pm Permalink

    Beware- an addict always feels fine taking it. It is when you do without for about 3 days that the trouble begins. There are personality types that are much more prone to become addicted. I have no way of knowing your risk, but keep it up, and you will likely have a problem.
    As other respondents have indicated, narcotics, like alcohol, dis inhibit you. Watch what you say when you are talkative.

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