Why do I hate being sober?

Question by Amanda: Why do I hate being sober?
Almost everyday I need to smoke, take pills or drink. I’m only 17. I’m so desperate to get fucked up that I steal pills from my parents like hydrocodone, vicoden, xanax and alcohol. I’ve been caught before but I still do it. I don’t know why I feel the need to disconnect myself from reality. I’m just not happy sober and I get bored easily. I just find drugs to make things more interesting but I’m scared what I’ll end up as down the road or any health problems I can develop..
I also have horrible anxiety and I like geting f’d up to relieve myself. A part of why I hate being sober is because of my anxiety.

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Answer by Mike o
You’ll wind up dead. My advise; seek professional help ASAP

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3 Comments on "Why do I hate being sober?"

  1. N
    05/03/2014 at 7:58 am Permalink

    To escape the boredom of life.You need some hobbies .

  2. ∂єα∂ вєαт ∂αη¢єя
    05/03/2014 at 8:12 am Permalink

    Yeah, you have a problem. You need to seek help. I knew a lot my friends in highschool had “addictions”, but they were just young and thought getting messed up was fun and nothing really came of it after highschool…..they weren’t diagnosed with drug related health problems, most went on to college or at least work and support themselves. In general… I think it’s a normal teenage thought pattern… but you sound like you actually want some help so if you do then you have to be ready to tell your parents what’s up and that you want help…. counseling, detox, just someone to talk too….. I don’t think what you are feeling is abnormal, I think that you recognize and want to stop is abnormal (as a teen)…. most teens don’t worry about this stuff, so the fact you do makes me think you should really ask your parents for help… they prolly will be upset, but as a parent.. I would much rather my child come to me than me have to force them…

  3. flaco dude
    05/03/2014 at 8:27 am Permalink

    Nothing wrong with occasional, recreational and social use of alcohol, or even some drugs. They are not evil in and of themselves, and help people relax in what’s a hard, difficult, tense world. Some people can’t control themselves and their actions. Many people eat too much. Some can’t control alcohol and/or drug use.

    There’s a theory that genetics are involved, but no hard scientific proof. Some call it a disease, but again there’s really no scientific proof. My guess would be there’s a combination of reasons why some people [but not others] become out of control substance abusers, over-eat, etc.,

    I don’t know you, but assuming your environment and lifestyle is otherwise ‘Normal’ [you aren’t living in a seriously abusive, dysfunctional environment] then perhaps you’re just releaving boredom. I would also say you should have or develop a deeper understanding of life, our world, and your place in it. This will help you more easily get through bad times, boredome, etc., without getting out of control distructive.

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