What would happen to me if I went to my doctor and admitted that i’m addicted to opiates?

Question by thedoorsi: What would happen to me if I went to my doctor and admitted that i’m addicted to opiates?
I’m only 18 and I was prescribed vicodin for about a month and a half last year and ever since i’ve been buying them off anyone I can find. I know I’m a bastard but I’ve gotten to the point where I feel that I can’t quit on my own?

If I told my doctor, would he need to inform my parents and would he be able to help me (and how?)

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Answer by KJH
Your doctor would not be allowed to tell your parents since you are an adult. It’s against the law, unless you give him permission.

He could put you through detox or refer you to a detox center.

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2 Comments on "What would happen to me if I went to my doctor and admitted that i’m addicted to opiates?"

  1. Roy B
    16/01/2014 at 7:17 pm Permalink

    If you told your doctor and you are indeed 18 then the doctor has no legal right to tell your parents anything.
    He would suggest that you enter yourself into a program to help get you off the drugs.
    I do not know if the doctor can reccommmed a specific one, he possibly could.
    Let me also say that you are NOT a bastard. Many people have this problem and you are very brave for admitting that you have a problem and trying to get help.
    If you feel you can, I would suggest that you tell your parents. They could be a very big source of support in the coming days when you will need it the most. Good Luck !

  2. Gov't Mule
    16/01/2014 at 7:24 pm Permalink

    He will help you. You have already taken the biggest step,,admitting to yourself that you have a problem.

    If you are 18 your doctor cannot communicate any of your medical information without your consent.

    Having a pain med abuse problem doesn’t make you a bastard. If it did there would be millions of people that would also have to call themselves one. You do not have a unique problem, actually it’s real commom. That’s why the DEA is cracking down so hard on people and doctors abusing them.

    I think you are a smart person for reconizing the problem and wanting to do something about it. You are saving yourself from a life of hell. I know because I also use to abuse them. I had a pain problem and let it get out of control and it was my doctor that helped me. If you have been taking enough to get ‘dope’ sick without them you want medical help kicking it Withdrawls are not something you want to go through unless it is the only way you can get off them. Good luck

    Here are a few links that you should check out.

    You can also contact a local methadone clinic and they can help you with a 14 day detox program that is a lot better than going ‘cold turkey’. Just don’t let them talk you into a methadone maintenance program. All that does is make you a legal abuser.

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