What is the big deal with Vicoden?

Question by shari: What is the big deal with Vicoden?
I hurt my back 3 years ago. I have been to MANY doctors for this. Even had a minor surgery. I have taken tons of pain pills which have not helped at all, or very much at all. Then, one day, a freind gave me a vicoden. It worked. Pain free for about 3 hours. So, I told my doctor about this. He gave me 2 scripts for that and then no more. He says I might get addicted. Who cares! It works! I’m so sick of going to doctors. But I caved in last week. I’m so tired of hurting. Well, this time, he wants me to try physical therapy. Which costs 30 dollars a trip and 2 to 3 times a week! I simply cannot afford that. That is my co-pay, but I can’t afford 60 to 90 dollars a week for 6 weeks. And the vicoden is so cheap. 20 dollars would take care of the “whole” month! Why on earth will he not give me more! That’s all he told me is that I’d get addicted. Whoop de do! It works. I’m looking at as being in pain for 1095 days in a row! (minus the 2 scripst he gave me)

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Answer by Julis
Wouldn’t you rather be genuinely rid of the back problem by going to physical therapy then be dependent on a drug for the rest of your life? The sooner you start your therapeutic sessions the faster you are to recovery. Please don’t be a drug addict, we don’t need anymore of those.

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  1. kathy K
    03/11/2013 at 3:04 am Permalink

    I understand what you are saying,I have the same problem.The problem with Vicodin is that it has acetominophen(tylenol) in it and if he orders it say, every 4 hours as needed and you take that every day you would be over your limit of acetominophen -which in high doses can cause liver problems.Another reason doctors do not prescribe this drug is because it can be addictive and they usually only order it for short term and then look to other solutions such as physical therapy.There are other things you can try such as Reiki, which is like a laying on of hands and sounds far fetched but I can tell you from personal experience ,it works.Back problems are a huge part of chronic back issues or injuries and MD’s have been taught “do not give drugs for every little thing”.By the way I am a nurse and I will be starting my physical therapy very soon.Good Luck.

  2. vicki_mcgee
    03/11/2013 at 4:04 am Permalink

    Take my word for it, you don’t want a vicodin dependency!!! The truth is one will only work for a little while!!! Then it’ll take 2, then 3, then that won’t even work. So when you try to stop you’re sick as a dog for days and all you can think about is finding another pill. The pain becomes irrelevant to the addiction. They’re very damaging to your liver because of the Tylenol content, especially if you drink ANY alcohol, at all. Beware!!!

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