Sooo Angryyyyyyyyyyyy?

Question by Sasa S: Sooo Angryyyyyyyyyyyy?
Hey I have anxiety and ADHD – I abused adderall for months because it relieved anxiety

Now my psychologist wont give me anything thats immediate and she gives me buspirone that helps 1/5 so i stopped taking it now i take citalopram hydrobromide 20 mg

I have NOOOOOOO f’ing problems with addiction now i have 1 month of feeling like shit because of my psychologist. She thinks i do so she will never give me anything thats immediate release

HOW DO I GET A NEW PSYCHOLOGIST SO I CAN GET SOMETHING IMMEDIATE RELEASE – I could be taking xanax for my anxiety but im not prescribed because my psychologist is

I might not take pills all in all im gonna try to be mentally strong

And my anxiety was inherited – its about such pointless stuff
PS nooo need for pills

Im gonna conquer anxiety

Pills are for the weak

They help nothing

Conquer anything


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Answer by Frank L
you scare me.

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One Comment on "Sooo Angryyyyyyyyyyyy?"

  1. Hartache
    28/02/2014 at 4:03 pm Permalink

    First and fore most you are an addict, if you said you abused adderall.

    I took adderall, in place of my Vicodens, you do know that ADDERALL is a legalized form of Meth, crank, ice?

    if you need a new doctor, just google one, or ask for a second opinion, or ask your Psychologist to refer one to you. She/he can’t give out any of your information to the one she refers you too, due to the patient confidentiality law. Just don’t say you want to commit suicide…

    It’s worth a try..

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