Side Effects From the Acai Berry

The acai palm tree only grows in the Amazon jungle. Local tribes have been using them for thousands of years because their highly nutritional and it wasn’t until the early 1990’s when the acai berry was introduced into the western world. They took advantage and produced acai products for weight loss aids, for example you can find various acai products such as, capsules, tea, powder, juice and bars and they all contain all the nutritional values from the acai fruit pulp.

If you’re someone that suffers from hypersensitivity to berries, or even have pollen allergies, than I would advise you to stay away from acai berry products. Even though the cases that were reported weren’t serious, however with some individuals the acai berry can heighten the symptoms. But you can always check with your doctor to see if it’s ok for you to consume acai products.

Since most acai products are made from 100% pure acai berry, people who have high blood pressure or pregnant women can safely consume the acai supplements without having to worry about any side effects. It’s recommended to consume at least 1,000mg of supplements per day for better weight loss results, but this depends on how powerful the supplements are, so you could be taking less if it’s powerful.

If you take a look at the acai berry puree products, it’s made by mashed acai berries, so it’s very unlike to find any side effects connected to this product. However sometimes depending on the way manufacturers produce these puree juices, it can sometimes come with minor side effects. For example – they tend to mix in other fruit along with the acai berry and if you drink too much you will end up experiencing diarrhoea.

With that being said, some acai products have small potential of having side effects depending on what other ingredients the manufacturers mix in. Well, it’s to be expected since they always look for new ways to enhance the qualities from the berries as well as saving money, however when you include other ingredients it will ultimately minimize the acai’s nutritional values, so it won’t be as effective.

So overall the acai berry doesn’t really have any known side effects such as those you may find in chemical induced supplements. It only has a negative affects on a small group of people. But other than that the acai berry is an organic super fruit that benefits your healthy, weight as well as fighting against serious diseases such as cancer. If you’re interested, check with your doctor to see if you can give it a try.

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