Shoud drug addiction be Considered a Disease?

Question by LalaLand: Shoud drug addiction be Considered a Disease?

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Answer by Jaymjensen
If we allow alcoholism and gambling to be disorders then we might as well. It’s retarded that people think like that.
The only reason why we classify it as a disease or disorder is so drug companies can pump out more drugs and make more money.
In my opinion there is no such thing as Alcoholism, or Gambling addictions, or even depression or ADD. I think it’s stupid people buy into that because we are all hypochondirachs. They’ll probably come out with a new addiction tomorrow about soda drinking disorders. F*cking nonsense!

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One Comment on "Shoud drug addiction be Considered a Disease?"

  1. Windy
    01/04/2014 at 3:46 am Permalink

    First, we need to differentiate between drug use and drug addiction, because they are two different things. Contrary to what some people still believe, a chemical addiction is a disease.

    Initial drug use is voluntary, and even abuse of drugs is a behavior that the individual can control when they want to. Addiction, on the other hand, is something different and more serious.

    Addiction is a disease that causes biological changes in the brain, which then drive certain behavior, such as taking the drug compulsively, but addicts can learn to change the behavior. That’s why treatment is important. Just as a person with heart disease needs to learn new behaviors and make lifestyle changes in order to become healthy again, so does the drug addict, whether it’s alcohol, cocaine, or any other drug.

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