Save Your Life From Alcohol Addiction

Are you aware of the damage that alcohol and drugs can do to your body? It can certainly ruin your life. Addiction can mess up your body system, spoil your relationships and get you into lots of trouble. I was getting worse while on the deadly path of alcohol abuse.

I am turning 34 now. A decade back, on a very unfortunate day, I was offered alcohol by my friends on a trip. All people drank and partied as it was on New Year’s Eve. I always lead the role in whatever I did and hence I simply accepted the peg. I then wore out my drinking with plenty of unseen troubles that I realized would ruin my healthy and happy life. I was well aware of the advice from medical experts that if you drink, you are at risk of many health ailments but my enthusiasm and aggression for drinking just made my ear deaf and brain numb.

Obviously, or so I thought, any adolescent would never become an alcoholic unless influenced by his friends and college mates. The risks of becoming alcoholic are either influenced by individual’s genes or by my lifestyle choices. During the age of adolescence, we never think of being clean and sober. However, you must know that that alcohol can affect anyone, anytime!

Then I found my cure for alcohol addiction. All thanks to the addiction manual -The Addicts Guide to Getting and Staying Sober by C. King, M.Ed., owner of the Sober Sources Network. This guide helped me to get out of that deadly grip of abusing alcohol. I had heard about such manuals that are available on the web and one fine day I just decided to browse for it. The sole reason for my firm decision to get this addiction book was my general body condition. I had difficulty in walking, slowed reaction time, slurred speech and my memory had become impaired. I had been to my health care provider many times but he would give me medicines, would advise about alcohol hazards and forget the case until my next appointment! It was a piece of cake for him to suggest me quitting alcohol, but for me, it had always remained a pretty big task to achieve.

The Addicts Guide to Getting and Staying Sober helps you with understanding what to expect with quitting and withdrawal and hence, makes your body a toxic-free zone as well as provided me tools to stay stopped! Alcohol is well known to produce toxins in the body that enters into your liver and brain. No need to say that alcohol can damage your liver cells and may produce cirrhosis of the liver among other serious health conditions. Some also say that drinking alcohol in excess (yes, unfortunately I always did it) may lead to cancerous growth in your liver (Tell me then, should I not give thanks for this wonderful life-saving addiction book? You bet!).

The best part I liked about Addicts Guide is their customer support! I had free help and support online that is only shared in this guide! This guide did in fact allow me to maintain dignity and privacy so that I did not feel ashamed and guilty any longer for my alcohol addiction. Following simple steps described in a very user-friendly pdf format, I really started life over clean and sober. The content talks about how to overcome not only alcoholism addiction but other chemical addictions, without any major withdrawal symptoms and offers suggestion for free treatment if you think you can not do it alone. In addition, I also learned and used the many techniques offered in The Addicts Guide To Getting and Staying Sober that helped me to eliminate my cravings to take alcohol in any form (believe me, I don’t feel like having even a beer now!). I’m grateful for this guide in assuring me and helping me realize I can live clean and sober!

I know, like me, there are hundreds of thousands of people fighting addiction, and this guide can help!

Anthony Sophia senoir executive of Sober Sources Network Said, “The basic facts about addiction and recovery are neither complex nor difficult to understand. Why, then, do addicts have such difficulty in grasping and acting upon them? The answer to this question itself depends upon a correct understanding of addiction and its influence upon the thinking and judgment of the addicted individual.”

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