Q&A: What is wrong with me? constipation problems?

Question by Lucyxzzzzzz: What is wrong with me? constipation problems?
I’m fourteen, a girl and I’m having really bad constipation problems.
Sometimes if feels like a really need to go but then I can only get out a tiny bit but then I look and looks really soft. It’s always a really brown/yellow colour. Sometimes I can’t even get a little bit out then other days I go and a lot more and the colour is still the same. This is been going on for nearly two months now and I’m also having irregular periods. I’m also suffering from back and chest pain, also headaches. My mum said it was just my diet and has just put me on a very mild laxative and it is just making it worse. I have also been quite stressed lately if that’s any help. Anyone guess what’s up?

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Answer by Chancey
You probably just don’t have a lot of fiber in your diet. Just eat foods that are high in fiber or take that fiber powder you can mix with milk or whatever because fiber helps you have smooth bowel movements and it helps constipation.

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    Have a tablespoon of mineral oil each day for about 3 in a row to see if that helps. Chew your food better and drink more water.

  2. Strong Happy Marriage
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    Any number of things can cause it. Not having enough fiber. Stress. Irritable bowel syndrome. Even an under active thyroid can cause it. You see the thyroid controls your digestive track and when it is under active it can cause your digestion to slow down meaning that it takes you longer to pass a stool. And the longer your stool is in you the harder it gets in consistency and the harder it is to get out. You can get it checked with a simple bloodtest and if it is underactive you will have to take a pill everyday. You should not take laxatives those are only to help produce a movement. You should actually be taking a stool softener such as Colace.

  3. Tj
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    I used to get constipated quite a bit

    Try lying down & Putting your knees up to your tummy ( If you can? )

    Try riding a bike, that will help to try an loosen it

    Try getting a foot stool & Put that under your feet when you sit on the toilet, because that will help put less pressure on where its constipated

    Try taking a few books or mags in the toilet with you, that will help to relax you

    Try squatting this really helps ( It helps loosen the stool up )

    Try grabbing onto something when you have the urge to push

    I really hope this has helped 🙂

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