Q&A: i love Vicodin but i dont want to get addicted,?

Question by sports guy: i love Vicodin but i dont want to get addicted,?
Does anyone manage to do it regularly without getting addicted? ive been popping about 6 pills a day at the same time for the past week, i like the high i know im not addicted now i stopped taking them for the past two days no problem and havent even thought about it

i wanted to know if anyone manages to take it without getting addicted ive heard its easy to get hooked, ive done some other drugs and never been hooked so i dont think i have an addictive personality, i dont even drink a lot when i go out to clubs

i dont want ppl answering me telling me its wrong, i know what im doing, im not junkie or anything i dont even smoke weed, and have a good job and ect. ect.

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Answer by Justin
you not addicted yet when you stop taking them and seriously start having mood swings or become depressed you have a problem. Norcos rr better. or Opana i think vicodin suck

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One Comment on "Q&A: i love Vicodin but i dont want to get addicted,?"

  1. David
    01/03/2014 at 5:45 am Permalink

    Vicodin addiction is definitely something you want to avoid. There are plenty of people out there that have a real problem with pain and take vicodin on a normal routine basis. It can be done. Just make sure to follow the doctor’s instructions to the letter and avoid taking any more than needed. If you keep taking 6 pills at the same time each day, you have a greater chance of becoming addicted. Not saying you will but it is more likely.

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