Q&A: Drug addictions?

Question by epiphonegirl: Drug addictions?
Do you think it is possible to be addicted to drugs in a different sense than being addicted to one specific drug?
What I mean is…do you think people who drink and do drugs are simply addicted to being high, not feeling things, and not dealing with problems?
Yes, crack, coke, etc. cause strong physical addictions, but would people become addicted to them if they weren’t desperate to get high?
Personally I think so.
I smoke weed, and I did coke one day because my dude said he could get me coke but not weed at the moment.
I started smoking weed cuz I drink.

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Answer by sunshine
I really think its both.

They like the specific drug and the high it gives them.

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4 Comments on "Q&A: Drug addictions?"

  1. .allie.marie.
    04/04/2014 at 4:11 pm Permalink

    It is possible. People don’t start drinking of doing drugs with the sole purpose of getting addicted. They do it to get the feeling, or to get away from things happening in their life. If something happens, and they decide to turn to a drug to get away and it happens to be a strong drug like cocaine, they could get addicted.

  2. BECCA!
    04/04/2014 at 4:57 pm Permalink


    ive smoked weed….cant get addicted but i use to like the feeling thats why i did it.

    ive done coke….i like the feeling it gives me. im not addicted to it but whenever i could get it i would do it.

    ive dont x….not addicted but like the feeling.

    lol so me. i like the feeling.

  3. nickipettis
    04/04/2014 at 4:58 pm Permalink

    many addictions, drug, alcohol, food, gambling, even shopping are to help people feel something, or not feel something. or not feel anything.

    there are things called addictions ( by some) that are considered psychological addictions, when they are clearly not physically addictive.

    Some people consider sugar addictive, for instance.

    So – question 1, yes.
    2 – yes, some people are addicted to not feeling things
    3 – maybe. since there is the psychological addiction thing.

  4. ramie box
    04/04/2014 at 5:25 pm Permalink

    I think that the addiction is always to being high which is a physiological rush of dopamine in the body. That is the physical basis of being high.

    All drugs cause an increase in dopamine, so yes but the drugs that cause its release the most directly for that individual are the most sort after when someone is an addict. Crack causes a direct extended release of dopamine.

    Heroin causes a 1 step indirect but powerful release of dopamine by the release of endorphins which cause the direct release of dopamine in most pathways in the body and brain and for an extended period of time compared to the above.

    Nicotine causes the release of serotonin which causes a less strong increase in dopamine than the above drugs but enough to cause mass addiction to cigarettes.

    Marijuana causes a change in neurone sensitivity via thc receptors which causes more serotonin to be released in certain brain pathways then serotonin causes dopamine release although not as significantly as the above drugs for their perspective pathways and not in all brain pathways, therefore its not addictive physically because the body has tight controls on how depolarised the synapses can become and up or down regulates the thc receptors to protect against addiction.

    So when we are addicted to something our brains have adapted to this drug to allow for the most intense dopamine release we can get via a chemical.
    The body has to have a certain level of excitement to cool the symptoms of our addiction.

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