Myths About Smoking Side Effects

In the ’60s, cigarette providers were broadcasting TV ads with charming people who smoked after dinner. It was a time when it is believed that traditional cigarettes make you sexy, help you relax.

Today, the promotion of cigarettes by the media was forbidden, however, according to statistics, every year there are at least one million new cigarette smokers.

If I want, I can give up cigarettes and smoking side effects at any time!

Nicotine is a element that induces a major dependence, and most people trying to stop smoking side effects need more conviction, will and time. The chemicals get to the lungs to the brain and induces creation of dopamine, a substance that induces a state of good. Although nicotine causes a good feeling, happiness and the body system needs greater quantities of nicotine.

Annually over 35 million persons trying to give up smoking side effects, but only 7% of them reach their goal. Nicotine replacement remedy is the most useful and most used by people who want to get rid of this defect!

Tobacco involves only one who smokes, not others!

False. Negative effects created by second-hand smoking have been extensively examined. According to studies, people exposed to cigarette smoke are at danger of lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases, asthma and other chronic maladies.

It is estimated that passive smoke kills 49,000 nonsmokers each year. Approximately 46,000 die from cardiovascular disease, and about 3,000 from lung cancer.

Chewing tobacco does not influence body, because the smoke is not inhaled!

False ! Not only the cigarette smoke kills! The whole cigarette creates side effects. Folks who chew tobacco are exposed to illness of mouth cancer, affecting at the same time: the tongue, lips, gums, etc. As with smoking, the more immediately you quit smoking, your risk of suffering from one of the mentioned maladies is lower.

Chewing tobacco lowers blood pressure.

There are no research to demonstrate this report, although many people believe that smoking or chewing tobacco helps them relax by lowering blood pressure.

A group of researchers from Stockholm, Sweden, analyzed 135 healthy persons who had not been reported with hypertension. But by calculating blood pressure, specialists identified that those who smoked or chewed tobacco had higher blood pressure as opposed to those who did not have these flaws.

A few normal cigarettes a day does not influence our condition.

False. Each tobacco cigarette incorporates about 1 to 2 milligrams of nicotine that reaches the brain within 10 seconds of inhalation. Immediately after the first blast, the body system releases adrenaline which can lead to high blood pressure, respiratory rate, etc.

Filter menthol cigarettes or cigarettes with a low content of tar does not affect our health!

False. People who smoke a few cigarettes per day or who smoke only cigarettes with low tar content have a tendency to spend more time carrying this defect, because they believe that their entire body receives a small amount of nicotine and feel the mental need to meet again this desire.

Nicotine and other risky substances in tobacco smoke still arrive at the lungs. Persons who smoke cigarettes or filter cigarettes with low tar content have a tendency to breathe in deeply, thus, the lungs get a bigger volume of carbon dioxide and other elements stored in cigarettes.

Smoking makes you cool and sexy!

Are you sure? Smoking marks teeth, produces wrinkles. Also according to scientific tests, the primary cause of impotence is smoking.

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