My drug addiction and my bf?

Question by Crystal: My drug addiction and my bf?
I have been sober for 3 months (coke) I’m 22 years old and a biochem major. Anyway, I used drugs because I had a rough start I was sexually abused and later it manifested into some ugly self esteem and depression issues so I used to take me away from that. I have never told my bf of 2 years any of this because I thought he would simply see me as a drug addict there’s a stigma that comes from that. Today I needed to get some paper work from my counseling center so I made him drive me and he asked me what drugs I took? I said coke and I saw that look of him wanting to jump out the car because he didn’t know what to say. Then he was making jokes and i said that’s not funny and he said I know it’s disgusting.
When he dropped me off I raced outta his car and cursed him out then I text messaged him and told him the only reason I’m even sober or alive is because I overdosed. I was suicidal and tried to take my life and they ordered I go into therapy and he was shocked still didn’t apologize. I told him if I’m disgusting and this I’d too heavy for him he can leave. He said nothing. Why is he being this way?
I have stopped doing drugs, maybe you can’t read but I wasn’t taking my drug abuse out on him maybe you’ve personally had bad experiences with drug addicts but don’t be a moron on here just skip the question. I had a problem with him calling me disgusting, where I expect ted support. I’m not some years long addict my addiction just started and I’m nipping it in the bud . When I got upset he asked me if I was going to sort coke? Someone who loves you supports you and tells you how proud they are of you even if you’ve been sober for a day. I’m a college student getting all As dealing with mental issues and drug problems and doing really well so you can f*** off with your moronic answer Shutuppauface
Honestly I’m going to respect myself enough by not arguing with your lack of intelligence. Ignorance in it’s purest form. Please save your mediocre, uneducated, biased advice for yourself. Drug addicts are not disgusting Bet you wouldn’t feel that way if your mom were one. Drug addicts are human beings who need serious emotional help so get off my damn back because I’m actually getting it. You need to grow up and maybe get yourself an education. Your view of drug addiction is totally biased and probably coming from a source of people you know who do nothing to help themselves. Go f*** yourself
Someone obviously has no life, thanks for making mine so important to you that you wasted 10 mins of your life so go through my past questions hahahaha oh man. Stop picking on the mentally ill you’re a jerk and you’re very pathetic. I have my issues but that’s why I’m getting help. I think you need some too. Don’t give people advice when you can’t deliver it correctly. You probably sit on your behind all day on yahoo answers and there’s some people I respect who do that because that actually have input of value. My boyfriend does not agree with you moron if he did he wouldn’t still be with me and btw he apologized for being a jerk and said he’s very proud of me for getting the help I need and being clean. STOP giving ignorant advice. You know how retarded you stop that’s why you had to go back into my past questions and throw in it my face. Ha I don’t care because I’m in a better place. You’re a sorry soul, I hope no one who is menta
Wow typing on my phone is a killer, so many typos. You can pick on those next since low blows are your thing. Tell me how I can’t spell

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Answer by shutuppauface
Stop doing drugs or cut him loose. As unfortunate as your previous experiences are, your minutes-old clean time is his concern.
YOU are the junkie, the cause is actually irrelevant.
If you’re going to cop an attitude and take YOUR drug abuse out on him, meet somebody nice in rehab and leave your nice ex alone.
You don’t get to be snarky about it, you have addiction issues, he doesn’t deserve to have them and your myriad of other sh*t held against him.

Yeah, I read it, a mere 12 weeks “clean”, and you’re blaming HIM for asking about your stupid choices.
Drug addicts ARE disgusting; own your actions or CUT HIM LOOSE, he doesn’t deserve the blame because you thought it would be a better idea to avoid your problems by doing hardcore drugs than actually dealing with your problems.
You want to live in polite society? GET OVER YOURSELF and understand that your actions are/were offensive.
Life is tough for LOTS of people, you don’t get a bye for making stupid choices because of a one-off at age nine.
Grow up. Seriously, or you will only be romantically connected to junkies of your ilk for copping an attitude with normal folk.

Obviously your bf agrees with me.

When you’re clean a year, come back and debate.
Pedophiles think people need to educate themselves, too, they are just “loving the children”.
Maybe you should consult your imaginary friends:

Now, if you don’t want varied input from all kinds of people, keep your dirty laundry off of public forums. You seem to be making a career out of playing the victim.

“My boyfriend does not agree with you moron if he did he wouldn’t still be with me and btw he apologized for being a jerk and said he’s very proud of me for getting the help I need and being clean.”

Then what was the point of your post? Your whole platform was his lack of support and your crazypants reaction to it.
Methinks the drugs have caused you serious brain damage. I feel sorry for you, 22 and can’t keep her story straight.

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