Lack Of Sleep Side Effects Nausea – The Effects of Lack of Sleep

Lack Of Sleep Side Effects Nausea

Do you often feel tired and exhausted? Well, it might be caused by lack of sleep. However, sleeping is very essential for everyone. Lack of night rest can cause some side effects. Below are some of the side effects of lack of night rest.

There are some side effects of lack of night rest. It can affect either psychologically or physiologically. The most common effect which you can feel most is distress.

The effects on the physiological

Physiologically, lack of sleep is able to cause the headache, lack of energy, and even depression. In addition, there are some other effects. You have to be care about your sleeping pattern since it is can cause serious effects. Those effects include the acute muscle pains, headaches, nausea, and dizziness. These are the most concrete effects which you can directly feel after two successive nights of less sleeping. Lack Of Sleep Side Effects Nausea

In addition, lack of sleep can also cause to more acute effect such as hallucinations and memory loss. Although you don’t believe this kind of effects, it is proven in a long term effect. A study also shows that the person with sleep deprivation is more vulnerable to having diabetes type two. A study also shows that the acute effect of lack of sleeping is similar to the attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome or what is known as psychosis. Isn’t it so scary?

Serious effect of lack of sleep

Instead of those scaring effects above, there are some other serious effects to those with less sleep. It is able to suppress the growth hormones so that it is potential to cause the higher level of stress, immune system, urge for sex, moods, and some others. On the other words, those who have lack of sleep are potential to lose self control.

Since lack of night rest can influence the immune system, those who are lack of sleep will be more susceptible to diseases since they cant fight against those diseases. In addition, performing the task for the following day is also difficult to do. It can make your day worse which can potentially affect their future. Also, another common effect is obesity. Lack Of Sleep Side Effects Nausea

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