Is alcoholism/drug addiction a disease?

Question by blu: Is alcoholism/drug addiction a disease?
I’m sure this has been asked many times but allow me to put a little spin on the question by asking many other questions of relevance.
Do you think one of the above qualifies but not the other?
Do you think the government is sending mixed messages by one being legal and not the other?
Should the government be using ‘tax on alcohol’ money toward treatment for alcoholics?
Are we winning the war against drugs?
Would we see a decrease in drug usage if the tax money on the sales of legalized drugs was used toward education, prevention and rehabilitation?
Do these questions cause you to reevaluate your position?
I get particular enjoyment posing my questions to the ‘seniors’. I have the utmost respect for them and I value their opinions no matter how wrong they are … lol.
I expect/hope to hear f/ Just Joyce, Dee Jay, oldman, Mr. Ed, Plum Ecc, Miz D, shortstuff, etc. You know who you are. Tell me what you think.
aguadelf … the following is a quote f/ your statement … A disease is something you could not possibly have any control over.
Regardless of how one became dependent (there are examples of ppl becoming drug addicts thru the administration of drugs in the hospital) the fact remains that these ppl have no control over their dependency.
Sally- You ARE an authority. Anyone w/ 22 yrs. of sobriety after dependency knows more than the so called authorities.
Just Joyce- Education IS the key. Most dependent ppl struggle with, “If I only knew then what I know now I would have never started”.
One is too many and 1000 is never enough.
glass- It already IS everyone’s problem. The increase in crime due to dependent ppl. ALONE is enough for the country to take a united stand toward DECREASING the users. The problem continues to get worse.
Whether you know it or not, many tax dollars are already being spent toward county funded beds for rehab enrollees.
Keep your head in your butt and the problem will go away.
Miz D- Anyone that comes f/ a family that has a genetic predisposition to alcohol/drug abuse is in a position where they need the education that much more.
This country doesn’t do nearly enough as evidenced by a 40+ yr. war on drugs that has resulted in more usage and an over crowded prison system.
How bad does it have to get before this country changes it’s position?

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Answer by Bricka Brack
To answer your original question, yes, it is

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12 Comments on "Is alcoholism/drug addiction a disease?"

  1. aguadelfuego4
    21/03/2014 at 4:16 pm Permalink

    No. I believe that you can be predisposed to such things through genetics or upbringing, but I can’t see how an addiction can be considered a disease. In my opinion, emotional addictions are just lack of self-control or of the desire to change, and physical dependency is a chemical process/reaction in the body, but neither are, as many claim, a legitimate “illness” (except a social illness perhaps)

    Edit: I did not mean to suggest that we should not try to help them get over their addictions, but merely that it is not a disease. A disease is something you could not possibly have any control over. It is a choice to drink or do drugs so much that you become dependent on them to go on.

  2. franklv_1981
    21/03/2014 at 4:25 pm Permalink

    I believe it is a disease, yes.
    I believe we are punishing alcoholics/drug addicts instead of helping them. It is a medical issue and shouldnt be a criminal one.
    There has to be MORE funding for treatment, regardless of where the money comes from.
    We lost the war on drugs – HORRIBLY.

  3. Valerie's slave.
    21/03/2014 at 5:04 pm Permalink

    The war against drugs is a war against personal freedom. Yes having alcohol and cigs legalized does send mixed messages. “isnt the idea of making plants illegal seem a little paranoid 2 you?” Why is it that two physically addicting drugs are legal? One of which destroys peoples inhibitions? WTF? Fucking stupid. We need more money in the education of drugs. The D.A.R.E program is dumb. You tell a teenageer not 2 do something and what happens? Educate the young about the use drugs and tell them its not unnatural to want an altered conscious. Teach them that drugs shouldn’t be used 2 escape. IMO thanks peace.

  4. cowboydoc
    21/03/2014 at 5:46 pm Permalink

    Your original question:”Yes” it is a disease but, some states don’t recognize it as such. Their health or I should say it let’s their health departments or companies off the hooks also.
    I personally went through this a while ago in one Southwestern state with my spouse. Since the state didn’t recognize this as a disease the insurers for the hotel she worker for didn’t either. I had to take her to a “home” state where they still recognized it as a disease. She was given all the care needed.

    I think it’s a matter of money and the cost of insurances.

  5. Jenny
    21/03/2014 at 6:20 pm Permalink

    It is a disease right up there with cancer, and any other disease.

  6. Sally
    21/03/2014 at 7:14 pm Permalink

    I believe one criteria of a disease is that it progresses and if not treated, can lead to death, which is definitely the case with drug and alcohol addiction.

    Continued and irresponsible use of alcohol or drugs cause a chemical imbalance within the brain and we drink or drug to try to restore the balance … thus, alcoholism or drug addiction.

    Although I’m a recovering alcoholic (sober over 22 years), I’m certainly no authority. I just know that I didn’t start out to be an alcoholic and even though there are times I’d love to escape reality, I much prefer sobriety.

  7. dora
    21/03/2014 at 7:52 pm Permalink

    I have always thought there is a link between alcoholism/drug addiction, and how a person’s body processes those things, especially those alcoholics who become diabetic. Having overcome an addiction to smoking, I give credit to anyone who maintains sobriety. We arent’ winning the drug war and prevention would be a terrific place to spend the taxes collected on alcohol.

  8. CC
    21/03/2014 at 8:38 pm Permalink

    I hope it is. Speaking as a child of parents with addictive personalities,
    both alcoholics, addicted to gambling and sex, I want to think they
    couldn’t help it and that somehow their genes were responsible. I find
    it too hurtfull to think they had a choice in the matter.
    Needless to say I did not inherit those genes. I do not drink, smoke
    or gamble and the wellbeing of my family has been the most important
    factor in my adult life.
    Drugs and alchol wreak havoc in everyday lives, we need to find out why people become addicted to these substances and help in any
    way we can.

  9. Just Joyce
    21/03/2014 at 9:01 pm Permalink

    Good Question . . . There are many other addictions I could add to the list. . but we’ll leave it at the two. As almost everyone has stated, YES they are addictions and no both are not treated equal . . .we can buy beer, wine, alcohol (legal) but not drugs of any kind (illegal). The tax money from alcohol just gets absorbed into the system. Any one seeking treatment must pay on their own, as far as I know.The war on drugs is a joke. . .throw them in prison and they can still buy and sell from their cells.I have always said drugs should be legalized and sold in liqueur stores. Put the pushers out of business . . .get the guns off the streets. . .They could put information in with the drugs, just like I get with my prescriptions. . .instead of burning confiscated weed, sell it and put the profits into rehabilitating the ones who truly want to quit. . . DARE Program in the schools is a joke . . . they just state don’t take drugs . . .As dumb as I am about this topic, I know I have taught my children and grandchildren more than they have.. . .Education is the key! ! People have to be taught and shown how to
    make wise choices. . . the income from the sale of drugs should definitely go toward decent rehab facilities, free of charge to all who want it. . .that to me is the only way in decreasing usage. I’ve said it for years, and I will keep saying it until the Government wakes up! ! ! !

  10. bobs
    21/03/2014 at 9:55 pm Permalink

    Both are mental illnesses and really have little to do with alcohol and drugs, except the person is self-medicating. After the initial withdrawal, the person needs to find out what the underlying problem is.

  11. deblee60
    21/03/2014 at 9:55 pm Permalink

    I have been clean of drugs for 15yrs,i have been sober only 6Mt’s not my chose(liver shut down).I use ta think it was a disease but you chose to drink or take that first drink,then you just spiral out of control.Sure it was easy-er for me to blame it on something or someone else,but now i realize it was me that took that drink or drug that started it all.

  12. glass
    21/03/2014 at 10:52 pm Permalink

    in my opinion both are not a disease. that, to me, is asking if someone eats only twinkies and weighs almost a ton is that a disease? you have a choice, to over indulge or not. most choose not to. but it becomes everyones problem when it is catagorized as a disease. we would have to start covering rehabilitation in state healthcare.

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