I Wish I Could Love Anything That Much

A few nice drug addiction images I found:

I Wish I Could Love Anything That Much
drug addiction
Image by e_monk

An Open Letter To Women Part 3
drug addiction
Image by dollen
You women really do have a power. The touch of a beautiful women can make a man 10 years younger and 10 years dumber instantly. Its almost primal the way that priorities change and testosterone flows from that point on. His chest gets puffed out any time she is near. Clothes start matching and the car is cleansed of Mc Donalds bags and Red Bull cans. Movies, dinners and painfully long phone calls are all displays of a mans strength.. not the muscle kind of strength but the mental toughness a man must have to survive this woman. After all.. if a man can’t survive the courting rituals how can he endure the rants and random babel that a women must download before she can relax and get on with her night. We men have evolved though. We know better than to try and solve you, or give you answers. We know that women ask questions they don’t want answers too.. and that ever girl is convinced that someone else is trying to destroy her at work or school. We compromise our positions and relent the remote control for the TV when absolutely necessary. But why???

Why do we do this. Its a wicked power she has. Lured by her beauty, any many would fall victim to complacent lust and weak kneed amazement. But at what cost. Is all thats pretty also peaceful. Not all that glitters is gold and there are some illusions that will be revealed in time. How long can you stay atop this mountain before another man with lust in his eyes pushes you off the mountain? Are we just amused by the muse? is beauty the beast after all? Are we just the drug to the addiction? Is it worth it? Does she know that we can see the magic.. and that we can see when the magic fades.

… like I said before.. its primal.. and its magic… and…

Colorado model Alix R.
*Actual women now show.

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