i think my moms addicted to pain killers what should i do?

Question by : i think my moms addicted to pain killers what should i do?
my mom got into a car accident a few years ago and was given vicoden to deal with her injuries i think shes been hooked since then and has cept it secret from me and my stepdad
heres what sparked my suspision
1 i got my wisdom teeth pulled and she stopped letting me take the percs i was perscribed after 2 days and said she would throw them away
2 theres a safe in there room and out of curiosity one day i broke into it and found the percs i was perscribed along with 2 other bottles of vicoden
3 i went into her room to take some sleeping pills she has on her night stand and found a zip lock bag with pills in it that said watson 349 on them after some google searching i found that these were a form of vicoden
so yeah theres no reason for us to have THAT many pain killers in the house i think shes taking them on a regular basis what should i do?
im not turning my mom into the police nobody will be here for me and my sister shes a really loving and caring woman i think she just has a problem with this

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Answer by Joshua Smith
You can report her to the police for having pills not prescribed to her in a plastic baggy. Tell her to stop watching the show House, or just confront her and ask as her child to stop taking them and that it is hurting you.

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3 Comments on "i think my moms addicted to pain killers what should i do?"

  1. All Religion is Pagan
    17/01/2014 at 9:03 am Permalink

    GOOD, Anyone who would turn their own mother into the police is just SCUM!! For starters, I think she took them from you because she did not want you to become addicted or you or your friends to use them recreational Here is what you should do, I know from experience that people addicted to Vicodin and Perks, need more and more every day to get “Where They Need To Be” Not so much getting high , because a real addict won’t get “high” after being on them for enough time to become addicted! This is a FACT! But she would need more and more to maintain the addiction and not get sick, So, in other words, She could not just take 1 pill every day, By the time she was on then long enough to become a Pill Addict she would need 4 in the morning ,4 at noon and 4 at night on Mon., Tues Wen, Then by Thurs, she would need 5-6 of them 3Xs a day for a few days, The amount she NEEDS will just keeps growing, If she was hooked a few years ago after the car accident, So keep a count, see how many are missing after a week or a day,,That bottle of Perks would barley cover ONE DAY!! Now If ever you find Oxy Contins, /Oxy Codones,(Google them to I-D what they look like) Then She may keep the Perks around for back up, But I doubt that she Would have any pills around for more then a few days! Again,, This sounds to me like she keeps them to control periodic pain that she does not like to complain about, I know people who do not have health insurance or have such high Co-Pays that they HAVE to save up pills because they can not afford to see a Dr. or Pay for Prescriptions, and some people are just Cheap, and save that $ $ because they can.I think it’s good that you care enough to check up on her, But I am Telling you, Your mom IS NOT AN ADDICT! or those pills would not last but a few days!

  2. Billy
    17/01/2014 at 9:52 am Permalink

    Does she act like a drug addict?

    If you don’t know how a drug addict acts, then why do you think you can be so sure that your mother is a junkie? Do you know the signs and changes associated with addiction? Do you know the difference between addiction and dependency in people dealing with chronic pain?

    Are you aware that chronic pain is the most under treated condition in the US, not to mention the stigma and more often than not bias and prejudice that most people with chronic pain have to endure.
    Have you ever had to beg for pain relief from a doctor that had you pegged for a junkie the moment you walked in the door?

    Honestly, you most likely have no clue how humiliating it can be. There are more and more people turning to getting the pain medication they need from the street instead of sacrificing their dignity at the hands of medical professionals who treat them like drug addicts, even if there is no history or reason to do so other than being in pain.

    So before you label your mother as something she might not be, perhaps you could ask her how she has been feeling since the accident. 90% of people that have been in a serious accident and suffered injuries that required emergency medical treatment will live with pain stemming from it for the rest of their lives. Some minimal, some moderate, and some severe.

    Anyway, a few things you can do the next time you’re snooping through your mother’s safe:

    Look at the names of the prescribing doctor on each bottle with her name on it. If it’s a pain killer and one is from one doctor and the other bottle from a different doctor, there could be a problem. It doesn’t automatically make her an addict, but it should raise a red flag.

    Check out the dates on the bottles. Old? New? Refills? Quantity and dosage? Do the math.

    The baggie of pills could be significant, then again it may not be. Check to see if they’re the same pills that are being prescribed by her doctor.

    If she took your percocet after 2 days and it is still sitting in the safe with the same amount of pills as when she took them from you, then she obviously has not been taking them. Personally, I would likely do the same for my own kids; unless it was post surgery or shingles or some such serious condition, I certainly would not want them taking that kind of medication for more than a few days.

    Physical signs can vary. Has her hygiene changed? Is she gaining or losing weight rapidly? How are her moods? Does she go through mood swings? Check her pupils in dark and dimmed light – look up the term “pinned pupils”.

    Or you could always just tell her that you love her and are concerned for her health after finding the bag of pills, and ask her if she will talk about it with you.

    Best of luck.

  3. Douglas B
    17/01/2014 at 10:21 am Permalink

    There are pains she can be having from the accident that is making her do those things. There are some pains the dr.’s have labeled as chronic that aren’t and there is ways to get rid of them. As back pains are one of the bigger pain givers in car accident’s she can free up her back muscles to release the pains there. Here’s how to free them up for her relief:
    (do while sitting)
    Place your left hand on your left leg next to your body. Place your right hand over your left shoulder, fingers over the back and the palm in the front and firmly pull down on them and hold. After 30 seconds slowly lower your body forward and to the outside of your left leg, keeping your left arm fairly straight as you do. When you reach your lap remain there for another 10 seconds, release the pressure but rest there for another 30 seconds. Then reverse your hand positions and do your right side.
    For best results relax the body first by taking a deep breath and exhaling then remain this relaxed. If the pains are from other places let me know and I can maybe help with them as well. Good going on trying to help your mom beat this problem.

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