hydrocodon addiction?

Question by Andrew: hydrocodon addiction?
ive been on hydrocodon 7.5 for about 4 months for my back. i know im getting addicted to it, its not the “high” feeling of addiction, its the fact that it makes me not stress, it makes me relax and since i have a girlfriend it makes me not worry or think anythings going to happen, im just happy and not stressed at all. im also on zoloft 50mg and it helps and just bumped it up to 100, im ocd and have a lot of stress issues as well as depression, is there any other form of medicine out there that gives me the same feeling of hyydrocodon thats easier to get and not a opiod i guess, i just want no stress which this gives me. thanks

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Answer by Priscilla
In life, when we have the ability to give you SSRI’s and pain relievers that mellow you out… you have to choose between living life, and living life forgetting about your issues. If you forget about problems, they’re still there until you fix them. If you live life and face it’s issues, you solve your problems, have more stress but In the end are probably more problem free. As an analogy I say covering up one’s issues with drugs and ssri’s is like covering dog shit with newspaper. It’s still going to be underneath when you’re ready to clean it up. The only difference is cleaning it up NOW vs. later.

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  1. Jody
    25/03/2014 at 6:24 pm Permalink

    Abrupt withdrawal of hydrocodone (Vicodin, Lortab etc) can trigger withdrawal symptoms, so taper down to get off. Hydrocodone causes both physical and psychological addiction so be mentally prepared to get clean.

    As you’ve doubled zoloft decrease hydrocodone by 25% every other day til you’re off. The analgesic potency of hydrocodone was actually found to be higher than that of morphine (though not as potent for pain as morphine) however the doubling of zoloft should make up for it.

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