How to Take the Headache Out of Making Compost Tea

Many people have asked, “what exactly is compost tea”? So what is it, you ask. Compost tea is a process by which normal compost is broken-down in water for roughly five days. Once it has matured it can then be used to feed plants, but not the type you would eat. The tea can be used direct on the soil, or applied through a spray bottle.

Many believe the tea can lessen the buildup of fungus on plants. This method of composting has become popular in recent years, giving birth to many makes of compost tea machines. With these machines the process of making tea has become almost foolproof.

When it comes to compost teas, you have more than one type to choose from. In Europe they may or may not use manure at all. The general rule however, is to include it because it has properties that prevent disease in plants.

Compost tea is much more helpful than just laying normal compost around your gardening plants. Look at it this way. The more nutrients a plant has available for absorption, the less chance a disease will occur. If you think about for a minute, this is same idea we’re taught about the importance of a healthy diet.

Who else want to make their own compost tea?

To make your own tea you will need to pick up some items at a store. They include:

· A bucket
· A good pump with 3 air stones
· Tubing
· A gang valve
· A liquid stirrer
· A strainer cloth
· Uncultured molasses

The air stones are important. Why? If the tea is not aerated with oxygen it will stink to high heaven and attract unwanted pests to your property. Also if the tea is not adequately aerated it may cause more harm than good to plants. Begin by filling a bucket halfway full of compost. The tubing with the air stones attached should be inserted and pushed down to the bottom of the compost. You then fill the bucket with unchlorinated water three inches below the top. Turn on the pump and let it works its magic.

The use of compost tea can work wonders in your garden, whether used direct on the soil or in a spray. Synthetic and chemical fertilizers will kill and deter various helpful insects in your garden. So, don’t use them. Instead, try compost tea and other natural alternatives.

Steve Habib is an active gardener and researcher on the subject of growing and caring for a variety of plants. To receive our FREE BOOK “How Do Plants Grow” visit the HOME PAGE To learn more about COMPOST TEA visit here.

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