Headache Keeping You Awake? Best Yoga Move to Help You Sleep


There is nothing more aggravating then having a pounding headache when you’re trying to go to sleep. You lie there, the whole world a dull throbbing boom, unable to relax, to breathe easy, scrunched up and tense in bed, growing frustrated as the hours slip by. When this happens, you can usually turn to some kind of medication to alleviate your pain, but in the long run you might want to try more natural remedies. In that case, this yoga move is both simple and effective, and can help alleviate your pain while also preventing you from taking too much medication.

This position is a simple Iyengar Yoga inversion. An inversion is a yoga move that has you lower your head beneath your heart, whether that is a complete hand or head stand to simply more moderate bending over. The benefit is that this causes blood to rush to your head, which can in turn help you relax and fight the headache’s pain.

The move in question is a simple position called Legs on Wall. To do it, you must lie on your back right against a wall, and extend your legs directly above you, keeping your legs together and trying to get as much contact between the undersides of your legs and the wall itself. What is key to this position is to align the back carefully so that you are evenly weighted along its length, and to extend your neck so that it is stretched out. The reason this is important is because this neck stretch will alleviate tension in your neck muscles that are often the culprit in headaches, helping you calm down.

Once you are lying down with your legs on the wall, place the palms of your hands on your stomach and close your eyes. Relax your jaw slightly, remove your tongue from the top of your mouth, and focus on your breathing. Breath work is key in helping alleviate pain, so really hone in on the depth of your breathing, how long you hold it for, and how deeply you exhale.

You want to try and build a deep, slow rhythm to your breath, trying to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth, seeking to breath in deeply and slowly and exhaling deeply and slowly. Hold this position for 3 to ten minutes, and see if it doesn’t do wonders for your headache.



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