Duke Study Findings- Acupuncture Offers Headache Relief Over Medication

A recent study conducted by researchers from Duke University has found out that acupuncture tends to be more effective in the reduction off the frequency and severity of most chronic headaches.

This is in comparison with most of the contemporary medication found in the market. These findings were derived after the results got from 31 studies were reviewed.

Of these studies that were carried out for the sole purpose of making comparisons between regular medication and acupuncture, it was discovered that 62 out of every 100 patients of acupuncture reported that they had been relieved of the headache. This was in stark comparison to only 45 out of every 100 people that were subjected to most of the common medication found in the market.

However, correct use of all acupuncture techniques was also found to be important in arriving at patient recovery and relief. To this effect, sham acupuncture was found to be ineffective and unreliable. Sham acupuncture usually involves needling those parts of the body that have no association with most of the ancient Chinese acupuncture principles. The technique which yielded the best results and led to the most number of recoveries was traditional Chinese acupuncture.

Maria Bruno was one of the patients who received acupuncture. She had suffered from chronic headaches for many years. The pain that her chronic headaches gave her was so intense that her home life, work and associations with her family often had to take the back seat. She sometimes took several medications at the same time but to no avail.

A friend recommended acupuncture to her as a potential therapy to relieve the intense pain. She scheduled an appointment to receive acupuncture treatment. She was told that acupuncture does not work for everybody, but it does work for most people. She reviewed her past and discovered that all the combinations of medications she had previously taken were not as effective in getting rid of her chronic headache as acupuncture therapy.

Acupuncture therapy has no side effects, mostly. It is becoming widespread world wide. If you suffer from chronic headaches and conventional therapy does not work for you, you should try acupuncture. After five or six sessions, you will have discovered whether acupuncture works for you in relieving your headaches.

When choosing an acupuncturist, make sure they are licensed and have completed at least a three year school with a degree in Chinese medicine. There are about 50 accredited acupuncture schools in the USA so verify your practitioners education.

To conclude, acupuncture is typically pain free and is usually comprised of a number of thirty minute sessions. It is widely available nowadays and gaining in popularity due to its proved effectiveness in treating chronic therapy.

Give acupuncture a chance now!

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