Cool Side Effects images

A few nice side effects images I found:

009/365 – @ Work.
side effects
Image by TexasDarkHorse
I work on the 5th floor of this building. Have to come down here to have a smoke.

As an aside..

The scar on my throat is from a near-fatal motorcycle accident I had about 20 years ago (you’ll probably see more of it someday). Needless to say, I’ve not ridden one since.

Anyway.. I’ve been pretty good at taking an SP every day so far. I’m pretty disappointed with myself at my lack of imagination after looking through so many of the other pics in the group. I also have a rather low self image; the last few years I’ve been putting on weight and becoming increasingly out of shape.

I’ve also noticed that I’ve gotten older while I wasn’t paying attention. I’m pretty sure that it was just last week that I was 25!

Maybe a side effect of this project is that I’ll be motivated to start heading the other direction on the scale.. 🙂

Tower of London, East Side
side effects
Image by garryknight
(Taken with my mobile phone.)

Transparency Tag on Technorati Front Page
side effects
Image by nchenga
Technorati Homepage on 26th March

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