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A few nice drug addiction images I found:

Manuscript of A Love Supreme, by John Coltrane, 1964
drug addiction
Image by national museum of american history
A musical revelation captured on paper, this is the original sketch for John Coltrane’s 33-minute jazz masterpiece, A Love Supreme.

One of the most innovative and emulated saxophonists in jazz history, Coltrane communicated through his music on intellectual, emotional, and spiritual levels. A Love Supreme was inspired by a religious awakening he experienced after overcoming drug addiction. In a suite of four parts—“Acknowledgement,” “Resolution,” “Pursuance,” and “Psalm”—it offers complex and impassioned reflections on prayer, faith, and the search for inner peace.

National Museum of American History, Archives Center, John Coltrane Music Manuscript, page 1, 1964.…

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