Am I resistant to benzos, Xanax?

Question by Kanye: Am I resistant to benzos, Xanax?
Okay I was wondering if there are people in the world that can take prescription drugs like Xanax, Valium etc, and it does not effect them? I think I’m resistant to those kind of drugs. I got a prescription for Xanax for my anxiety, and these are the results.

.5mg Xanax swallowed down with water-NO EFFECT
1mg Xanax swallowed down with water-NO EFFECT
1mg Xanax chewed and swallowed-NO EFFECT
2mg Xanax snorted-I just did this about half an hour ago but so far no results, just feel little weird.

Am I resistant to Benzo type drugs, if thats even possible? I gave this girl 2mg of my Xanax just to make sure I didn’t have a bad batch of Xanax, but she said she felt good and she said she had trouble walking at times. SO WTF MAN, AM I RESISTANT TO XANAX AND DRUGS LIKE XANAX, IF THATS EVEN POSSIBLE?

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Answer by Bork
It’s possible the pill is doing what it is supposed to do, but you just don’t notice. Maybe you are expecting it to do something it doesn’t do? Xanax doesn’t get you high, it doesn’t make you feel good, there are no euphoric effects. It just calms anxiety and can make you sleepy. You may have some natural resistance to benzos, but they still act on the brain. I suspect that whatever is going on in your head is not something xanax can treat, and that is why you don’t feel anything. Go back to your doctor and tell him the xanax doesn’t do anything and see if he can figure out what is going on in your head.

Don’t just keep taking more and more – you will reach a point where you feel nothing one minute, and the next minute you pass out without warning. Benzos can be dangerous in higher dosages. If 2mg doesn’t do it for you, then whatever is in your head doesn’t respond to benzos and you need to find something else to help you.

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