Q&A: Moving to Texas? I can use a bit of help .?

Question by Mike: Moving to Texas? I can use a bit of help .?
I currently live in Connecticut and in the near future I plan to move to texas. I am currently employed at 3M as a machine operator… with a decent amount of experience in warehouse/manufacturing jobs. I was wondering if there was anybody with a decent amount of knowledge on a job with potential in these fields? I understand pay rate is going to be a bit lower than what I am currently making. ($ 17.77/hr) but taxes up here are just too expensive and I am looking for a better cost of living location.
Long question short, I need a decent paying job in production where my skills are currently most comfortable… or if none fit what im asking, which field should I look into not requiring a college degree?
(NOTE: Asking this question doesn’t mean that I am being lazy and not looking, I’m just hoping while i am searching that maybe somebody with a better knowledge in Texas will help me on my search to make it a bit easier)
P.S. I am looking in the Fort-worth, Dallas area as well as Austin.

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Answer by mildred f
Try Samsung Austin Texas. There are many jobs in the computer industry if they are hiring your credentials.

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