Nice Cs4 photos

A few nice cs4 images I found:

Highland Park Bridge; Minneapolis/St. Paul

Image by Nicholas Ortloff Photography (Is Back)
Shot this beauty a couple nights ago down by the lock-in dam. I have to say that taking photos down by the river calms the mind and body :)

Camera Used

Canon EOS 450D

Software Used

Photomatix Pro 3.2
Adobe Photoshop CS4
Topaz Adjust 4

Number of Exposures Used


Pollen Ready for Transport ~ Project 365/139

Image by Echo9er
2009.05.21. These lovely flowers are rather prolific this year. I just love the color and the delicacy of them. SOOC. No color adjustments. Just cropped in CS4. DSC_4266 © 2009.

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