Melbourne: Top of the sip parade

Melbourne: Top of the sip parade
This is an Alice in Wonderland-themed café-cum-bakery with an espresso bar at the front and an open kitchen at the rear. There is a 5ft-high Alice mural on the wall and the light bulbs are inverted cups hanging from the ceiling: it's Starbucks through …
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Espresso chocolate moelleux
Having recently learnt how to make the perfect cup of coffee, I've been busy practicing at home and decided to try baking with a delicious shot of espresso. I just prepared a standard shot of coffee in exactly the same way as I would to make a cup of …
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Starbucks Presents Guatemala Antigua Origin Espresso [Sponsored Video]
Seasoned coffee drinkers will know that the taste of coffee varies depending on the place it was grown. Differences in soil, climate and farming methods mean that coffees from different regions can be as varied as wines or apples. If you've ever …
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