How to record webcam with the music ?

Question by KPKaccountt: How to record webcam with the music ?
How do you record a webcam by featuring your voice , but also the music you are playing in the computer ? I’ve tried it but the music being played by the computer isn’t recorded.

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Answer by Joe1024
You can enable the “Stereo Mix” sound source for recording in the Windows Control panel. This way you can select “Stereo Mix” as a sound source in the recording software.

But if you want to record a video using both a microphone and the internal Stereo Mix, you’ll need a recording software that has multiple sound sources per recording, so you’ll probably need Pro software.

Probably the simplest solution is to just record your voice (with the music playing low in the background) and then add a music track in post production with a video edition software.

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