How can I buy just Adobe Illustrator?

Question by WHY?: How can I buy just Adobe Illustrator?
Is there a way to buy Adobe Illustrator? Just Adobe Illustrator. I don’t want to buy the the whole bundle of stuff that I might not use. Like CC (Creative cloud). I already have Photoshop on this computer. I just want to buy just that program (extended, I don’t want to pay a monthly fee just to use a program). :/ will it be expensive that way? I’ve seen listings of the program selling them for $ 26.00 and I am kind of skeptical about it so, are they Safe to buy it from other places that isn’t Adobe’s site?

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Answer by Samantha
Creative Cloud lets you pay per month for just using one program. As far as I know, that’s the only current way to buy Illustrator.

If you see Illustrator for cheap, you can probably safely buy it as long as the website is legit. Old copies of Illustrator will still work.

I’m an illlustrator myself, and I use and which are both amazing. I run them on Linux but they are also available for Windows and I think Mac.

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