future diary and guilty crown dub?

Question by Shawn: future diary and guilty crown dub?
Just curious because i watched the 2 a few months ago and im almost positive there wasn’t a dub out at the time…did it all get dubbed at once and came out on dvd or something? or has it just been a really long time sense ive checked them and im going crazy and they came out weekly like normal O_o?
Wasnt paying atation to the guilty crown dub as much, but the last time i checked on the future diary dub there was only a trailer O_o it was prob a few months ago but still seems so fast.

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Funimation did actually announce that they will release both Guilty Crown and Future Diary on home video. The dub casts for both anime were also announced in May if I’m not mistaken.

Guilty Crown was released in Blu-Ray/DVD formats in two parts
Release date: Aug 27


Future Diary released in DVD format only, also two parts
Release date: Sept 17



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