Directioners! answer! please!?

Question by froooooozen: Directioners! answer! please!?
Are the ONe DIrection inside jokes carroty now? (K I didn’t get what carroty really meant at first but now I get the idea of what it means.)

Anyways are the One Direction inside jokes carroty now and are the quotes from the video diaries carroty too? I keep hearing fans saying that they are? Like, do we not talk about the inside jokes anymore?

Are their some new inside jokes? What are some and where did calling Harry Styles a cupcake come from.

Don’t yell at me for asking this and call me a directionator.
Can you answer my other one too please;_ylt=AquhGTSsZNndXePxViJqcOTsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20130502161912AA68ji8

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Answer by Amelia
So Louis first started it by saying I like girls who eat carrots and that started the huge carrot thing and now Louis like girls who can own Ferraris lol….idk if this helps

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