Creating My Own FREE Online Internet Radio Station?

Question by C.Rodgers: Creating My Own FREE Online Internet Radio Station?
I have a friend who is trying to promote his music and I heard about people creating there own internet radio stations. So I looked into it and They had me download winamp and now I dont know what to do. If anyone can give me easy to do tips or know any other great sites to use for this could you please let me know. And if you would like to hear some of my friends music check him out on myspace, just search criticalcondition3 on myspace and you should find him, and check out his music or even add him as a friend. Also he has his music for sale on his myspace as well. But first please let me know how to start up my own FREE easy or somewhat easy to do internet radio station. Thank You.

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Answer by Alon M
Hey there,

I’m not sure about opening a radio station that your friend can post his own music on, that’s what Myspace is mostly used, to promote your own music,

But I already recomended here a few times a radio station called in which you can open your own radio station and broadcast it to other users in the system, once in it you can also invite friends to use the system,

It’s still on beta stage, so you should register in their page and wait for them to send you an invite,

I have my own heavy metal station there, anyone who wants to listen to it can register with them and look for thrashing!

Hope this helps!

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