Adobe Flash cs3?

Question by ANTONIO M: Adobe Flash cs3?
I need help with cs3. first of all, how do i make a button start the movie. Also, how do i put my voice in it, as well as music?

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Answer by Dean B
im not so sure with CS3 version im used to 8 but im sure its not so changed.
to make a button – make a button symbol then in the scripts window type – play()
(or gotoandplay(n), where n is the frame you wnt to play)
to add music should be – file – add to library – then your music file. then drag the music file(it prefers wav files, though mp3 will also play) to the timeline and it will add a wiggly soundwave bar.
you cnat record voice direct afaik, so use a program like audacity to do that.

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